The transversal management of municipal development cooperation strategies

6. Self-evaluating the transversality of municipal development cooperation strategies

Within the framework of this reflection on driving the transversality of municipal development cooperation strategies, is a self-evaluation. This has been designed in Excel format and is a test that is able to identify the degree of accomplishment of the key elements that constitute the transversality by the local corporation that takes it.

The value of this tool is that it does not propose a drastic reorganisation of the functioning of the local government but seeks to adapt to the reality of our local bodies and makes a realistic and easy to achieve proposal.

The tool is a test that contains a series of headings that must be evaluated based on four levels of accomplishment. Here are some of the specifics in its use and the end result:

  1. We recommend scores by considering each point. It is not about getting the highest score, otherwise the tool is useless for identifying the key issues that need to be improved upon.
  2. In each block, there are several elements that are deemed to be critical for the accomplishment of the transversality. These cannot be seen initially but are calculated with a higher value in the final valuation.
  3. Once all the headings have been answered, the tool provides a brief report with the results that can be saved and printed.
  4. In the event that a minimum score is not reached on the key elements, the report highlights the points that need to be improved upon.

This tool is an Excel workbook (Excel file) that uses the usual Excel resources and VBA (Excel macros) programming to automate tasks and obtain the necessary functionality.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher (8, 10, etc.)
  • Spreadsheet software: Excel 2010 or higher (2013, 2016, etc.)
  • Screen resolution: The tool display automatically adapts to the size (resolution) of the screen, but it is recommended that the width be equal to or greater than 1200 px so that it is easier to read.
  • Security: Excel must be configured to run macros and allow them to run (if prompted when opening the tool's Excel file). If necessary, the macro settings in Excel can be changed: File> Options> Trust Center> Trust Center Settings> Macro Settings> Disable all notified macros. It works with any option other than the first one which says, “Disable all macros without notification”, but for security reasons, the default option, which is the second one, is recommended.

Other considerations:

  • The sheets in the tool workbook are protected with the standard Excel system. The key to unprotecting sheets is: “_ _ _ _ _ _” (six blank spaces).

A tool for self-evaluating the transversality of development cooperation strategies

Download and unzip the Excel tool